Who am I?

Alan, the creator of A World Over adventure travel blog.

My name is Alan Palazon, I’m in my late 20s and I’m originally from South Wales.

Since the age of 19, I’ve spent several years traveling, living and working in countries all around the world. Some of my adventures include snowboarding in Canada, trekking in the Moroccan Sahara Desert, checking out jungles in Vietnam and hiking volcanoes in Guatemala.

Exploring different countries and learning about their cultures has been my biggest passion in life for a long time. In 2023 I started A World Over to share that passion and my growing love for travel photography.

On my blog I provide comprehensive destination guides, savvy budget travel advice based on years of personal globetrotting experience and insights from the locals I meet, and travel photography to inspire your next trip.

I focus on adventure and budget travel and always try to seek out destinations that are less visited. You will find some travel guides to cities on my blog, but more than anything, I’m all about outdoor travel and activities such as hiking and exploring waterfalls.

My aim is to become a leading source of adventure travel advice to make it easier for people like you who share my passion for this kind of travel to plan your trips.

I’m also focused on becoming a professional travel photographer and with every trip I’m driven to improve my skills to tell better visual stories about the places I visit.

A World Over is a community driven adventure travel blog and I want to provide the best content possible. I welcome feedback on the content I create, especially from locals with insider knowledge and other travelers who have been to the places I document.

Thanks again for visiting A World Over. I really hope that you find my content useful and that you’ll stick around for the journey.

If you want to learn more about me and my journey to starting this blog, then read my story here.