All You Need to Know About the Aber Falls Walk in Snowdonia
All You Need to Know About the Aber Falls Walk in Snowdonia

All You Need to Know About the Aber Falls Walk in Snowdonia

At 37 m tall, Aber Falls is an incredible sight and worthy of a spot on any Snowdonia trip itiniery. There isn’t too much to say about the falls, except that it’s an easy walk that can be done by almost anyone. Now let’s get right into the meat and bones of the Aber Falls walk so that you can see this picturesque place with your own eyes.

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Aber waterfalls.

Getting to Aber Falls

Aber falls is very accessible and you can easily get here by public transport or driving.

By public transport

Getting to Aber Falls requires taking the 5 or 5D bus service that runs between Llandudno and Bangor. The bus service travels along the North Wales expressway and you’ll need to get off at Aber Falls Shelter. It’s a short bus ride from Bangor at just 15 minutes. From Llandudno it’s longer at 45 minutes. However, you don’t have to get on the bus at either of these major points; you can start the bus journey at the most convenient stop along the 5/5D route for you.

By driving

Just like with the bus, getting to Aber Falls by car means going along the North Wales expressway. If you’re coming from the west, then you’ll need to come off the expressway on Station Road and then double back on yourself by taking the first right. If you’re coming from the east, then you just need to come off the expressway.

Where to park for the Aber falls walk

There are two pay and display car parks. The first car park you come to is the bigger one with more spaces. However, as Google Maps doesn’t mark the second car park, the first one can fill up faster. I’ve marked both car parks below.

To get to the second car park, take the left turn over the small bridge from car park one. Then take the immediate right and continue along the lane for a minute. The lane will fork and you’ll need to bear left.

The Aber Falls walk route

The Aber Falls walk route is a 4.4 km round trip with a total elevation gain of 160 m. According to the signage at the walk start point, the walk takes around two hours. But if like me, you’re a fast walker, then you can probably do it a bit quicker.

The route starts and finishes from the smaller car park. At the car park entrance, you’ll see a pathway heading into the woods.

Immediately there is a footbridge that you need to walk over to cross some quaint small waterfalls which the stream runs over. Head up the steep embankment after crossing the stream and you’ll join the main route.

The main route starts by heading downhill. It bends right but you’ll want to stay left and pass through the gate. From here on it’s the well-maintained, wide gravel trail all the way to Aber Falls. Honestly, spelling out the rest of this walk would be a big waste of your time as it’s incredibly easy to follow.  

However, saying that, there is a moment where the trail does fork so I’ll mention that. Although, the trail is also sign posted the whole way. Either way, what’s certain is that you won’t get lost.

The trail forks at a point where you come to a wooden roundhouse. Go left at the wooden roundhouse (again, signposted) and continue following the trail.

The one thing I would mention about the trail is that, except for the very start point and once you reach Aber Falls, it is very exposed to the sun. Trees line the edge the whole way, but you can’t walk underneath them. Therefore, on a sunny day I’d recommend whacking on the sunblock. I’d also have at least one bottle of water. We walked it on a hot day and worked up a bit of a sweat, despite the trail being an easy one.

Kester on the Aber waterfalls Walk trail.

You can see the falls in the distance early on into the walk. But as you come to within a few minutes away, you’ll start to see them in all their glory. I actually thought that Aber falls looked more picturesque from this distance and from slightly closer from within the trees that are underneath the falls, rather than from right up close. From these distances you can admire the surroundings too.

A gate and pathway in the foreground and Aber Falls in the background.

The falls themselves are really beautiful. We were there during a hot period and so the water wasn’t gushing over them, but falling eloquently to the small pool at its base. For some, this might not be as an impressive torrent as, say, Henrhyd Falls in South Wales, but I can assure you it’s still a great sight.

Alan in front of Aber Falls

The best time to do the Aber Falls walk

Aber Falls is pretty popular and so timing your walk is crucial. Although, being a popular Snowdonia waterfall means that no matter what time you go, there will be a few people around. Unless, that is, you go really early in the morning, such as sunrise early.

However, if you want to go at a more reasonable hour but still avoid hordes of people, then I’d go later in the evening. We went late in the morning and stayed until mid-afternoon. The crowds weren’t too bad at those times, but as we were walking back loads of people were heading towards the falls. Despite there not being loads of people at the time we went, I think we could’ve found the falls much quieter if we’d gone at a later and cooler time of the day.

Aber Falls as seen from among the trees below it.

During the shorter winter days, you won’t have the privilege of being able to see the falls that late in the day, unfortunately. Your chances of catching the falls on a sunny day will be slim too. But I think that a rainy day would make the scenery look epic and moody.

Aber Falls walk FAQs

Can you swim at Aber Falls?

You can swim at Aber Falls. There are small rock pools at the base of the falls that vary in depth. You can swim to where the waterfall hits the rock pool. Here the water is deepest.  

How long is the walk to Aber falls from the car park?

Officially, the round walk is signposted as being two hours. This means walking from the carpark to the falls should take you an hour. However, you have to be walking quite slowly for it to take that long.

Aber Falls from the right side lookng at the waterfall.

Is Aber Falls a hard walk?

Aber Falls is generally considered an easy walk due to the flat, well-maintained trail.

Do you have to pay to park at Aber Falls?

Yes. There are two pay and display car parks at Aber Falls.

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