From the Lake District in the north to the rugged coastlines in the south and all of the world-famous cities in between, England is a great destination for all types of tourism.

But for adventure travelers in particular, England packs a punch. Along with the Lake District, there are 8 other national parks and 33 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) to explore. You’ll find plenty of exciting hiking trails, stunning waterfalls, enchanting forests and white sand beaches.

England is a real melting pot of different nationalities and cultures. And being the UK’s most famous country, it attracts travelers from all over the world. You’re bound to meet people from all walks of life during a trip to England.

Key facts about England

  • Population: 56 million
  • Size: 130,279 km²
  • Capital city: London
  • Languages: English  
  • Currency: Pound sterling (£)
  • Interesting fact: England hosts a pretty wild annual cheese rolling competition at Coopers Hill, Gloucester

My top recommendation for England

The best travel experience I’ve had in England has to be climbing Scafell Pike from Great Langdale. It’s a challenging 20 km trek that takes in 4 mountain summits and gifts you with the most amazing views of the Lake District and all the way to the west coast of England.

The Lake District

Guides to the quintessential English national park.

When to visit England

The best time to visit England is April to early September. These are the warmest and driest months in the UK. The best of the British weather tends to peak in July and August. 

Although England has its own norms, values and culture, when it comes to weather, it’s no different to the rest of the UK. Rain is the predominant forecast here and outside of May to September, you’re likely to find the country wet and humid.

How safe is England

England is one of the safest countries in the world, but the extent of this safety depends on where you travel to. In major cities, such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, crime rates are much higher than in, for example, countryside areas such as Cornwall.

Travelers do experience petty crime in England, such as pick pocketing and robbery. So keep valuables secure and try not to draw attention to yourself by flashing anything expensive.

However, overall crime rate is relatively low and you can rest easy knowing that the police force here is a source of help that can be relied upon.

What is the best way to travel in England?

If your budget allows, then then the best way to travel around England is by train. They are comfortable and clean, and they allow you to take in your surroundings. However, trains come at a premium. In general, train travel is notoriously expensive in the UK—a common complaint from citizens and travelers alike.

If you’re planning on traveling lots by train in England, then you could buy a Railcard. These typically knock 30% of train fares for 1 year. Non-UK nationals are eligible and usually you’ll make the money you spent on the Railcard back in train fare savings after just a few journeys. It’s not a bad deal, especially if you’re going to be traveling in the UK for a while.

If train travel is out of your budget, then look to coach lines. Megabus and National Express run services between the major cities. Megabus tends to be the cheaper option, but you usually need to book in advance to get the lowest prices.

Regular buses are affordable, but don’t expect to get to get to any far-out places on them. Although decent within and between cities, bus coverage is questionable outside of urban areas.

If you do want to get off the track or explore the great English countryside, it might work out cheaper and also be more feasible to rent a car.

Where should I stay in England?

Depending on the places you visit, accommodation in England ranges from reasonably priced (EU prices-wise) to expensive. To put things into perspective, the average price for a night in a shared dorm room in a hostel is around £38. For budget solo travelers, I recommend staying at the Youth Hostel Association (YHA). This will be your best shot at finding the cheapest accommodation around the country. If you’re traveling in a group and hostels aren’t available, then I recommend Airbnb.

How many tourists visit England?

England is one of the most touristy countries in the world. It constantly ranks in the top 10 most-visited nations and each year around 6 million tourists do trips here. Peak tourism season is June to August. Try to travel in the UK outside of these dates for the best chance of avoiding the crowds.