As a half Mexican, the country has a special place in my heart. However, this isn’t just because of my strong connection to it. It’s also because Mexico has a rich culture and an extreme variety of adventure travel destinations. 

From Baja California in the north all the way to Oaxaca in the south, you’ll find world class beaches great for surfing. And from Popocatépetl in Puebla to Volcan de Tequila in Jalisco, the country is blessed with breathtaking volcanoes soaring above the land.  

Mexico has a fascinating history too. The Azetecs prophesied they would find their home upon encountering an eagle perched on a cactus eating a snake. The prophecy came true at Tenochtitlan, now modern-day Mexico City. 

Key facts

  • Population: 127 million 
  • Size: 1,972,550 km2
  • Capital city: Mexico City
  • Languages: Spanish & over 300 native languages and dialects
  • Interesting fact: Mexican cuisine is recognised as Immaterial World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO 

Mexico adventure travel guides

When to visit Mexico

Mexico is a big country and the climate varies depending on the time of year and region. There are two seasons in Mexico, the dry season and the rainy season. 

The dry season runs from May to October and temperatures can get hot. Expect plenty of sunny days and temperatures in the 30 degrees range. The wet season runs November to April. 

Destinations in Mexico can be found at a range of altitudes, meaning temperatures will vary greatly from place to place during the seasons. 

For example, Mexico City sits at over 2,200 m above sea level. So, although the country isn’t known for being cold outside of the dry season, there will be days when you’ll have to wrap up, especially in the capital. 

Safety in Mexico

Opinions are split as to whether Mexico is a safe country for travelers. Years of drug cartel violence have given the country a bad rap, while at the same time droves of people visit each year without any issues.

For the most part, Mexico is a safe country and you can travel here without a problem as long as you use your head. I’ve spent months in Mexico at a time and have never had an issue. That said, take extra precaution with valuables in Mexico. Don’t flash your cash or electronics and in accommodation store valuables using lockers and padlocks wherever possible. 

Although cartels have a presence in pretty much every state throughout the country, it’s mainly northern Mexico, especially border areas with the USA, such as Ciudad Juárez, that have the really violent reputations.

Take comfort in knowing that tourists aren’t a priority for the criminal gangs. There have been incidents where tourists have been targeted by cartels, but these are very few and far between.

Is it expensive to backpack in Mexico?

Mexico is generally considered to be one of the more expensive countries to backpack in within Latin America. It’s still significantly cheaper than backpacking in Europe or the USA, for example. But your money won’t go as far as it will in other Latin American countries like Venezuela. 

Are buses good in Mexico?

Standard buses within cities tend to be older and not as safe as buses within cities of developed countries. However, the metrobús in Mexico City is modern and safer, albeit usually really busy.

Nationwide, Mexico is well connected by several privately-run coach companies. Their buses tend to be modern and comfortable. The better-known companies include ADO, OCC (part of ADO), AU, Senda and Del Norte. I’ve traveled in ADO and OCC buses a lot and have always had a great experience.