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Detailed adventure travel destination guides, savvy budget travel advice and inspirational travel photography based on years of long-term backpacking experience.
Alan at the summit of Garnedd Ugain. Y Lliwedd is in the background on the far side of the Snowdon horseshoe.

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My name is Alan Palazon. I’m a passionate traveler with years of long-term backpacking experience.

I document my travels on A World Over through in-depth destination guides to help you plan your trips and travel photography to inspire your next adventure.

On my blog you’ll find detailed guides packed with expert budget travel advice for adventure travel destinations such as hikes, waterfalls, beaches and other locations that are less-visited.

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A row of tents stand in a desert in front of a mountain range.


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Alan at Pen Y Pass in Snowdonia.

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Alan standing on a rock overlooking Llyn Llydaw at the Snowdon horseshoe.

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